Gingivitis may cause gums inflammation

Gingivitis can be one of the causes of swollen gums. Gingivitis is an inflammation that occurs in the gums caused by harmful microorganisms. These microorganisms enter the epithelial tissue until it spreads in the tissues of the gums. As we know that infections caused by microorganisms such as bacteria can cause irritation and inflammation. This is one that causes swollen gums. Meanwhile, you can also visit the local dental clinic if you’ve got severe problems with your teeth and gums.

The main cause of gingivitis is the lack of maintaining oral hygiene, the plaque on the teeth or on the gums, as well as remnants of food attached to the teeth that are not cleaned so that microorganisms easily reproduce in the mouth.

In addition to gingivitis, dental caries can also be a major cause. If there is caries on the side of the teeth close to the gum part. The caries-causing bacteria will be easy to infect the gums. Because caries is formed in the long run, bacteria will infect little by little until it causes inflamed and swollen gums