The best Arsenal players after Thierry Henry

Arsenal recently began to bring in a number of names of classy strikers. Some are successful, not a few also fail. There are five best names after Henry leaves, though his performance has not been as perfect as Henry. Who are they? This time, in this Arsenal news, we want to share the two potential players who can replace Henry as the predator of The Gunners.

Here’s the list:

Andrey Arshavin

Andrey Arshavin is often forgotten for the Gunners. Often playing on the left in the formation of three strikers, the Russian player has, in fact, had a significant impact on the North London team reinforced it.

Still remember, when his four goals at Anfield so spice drama game Liverpool vs Arsenal 2009 ago? Yes, the game ended in a 4-4 draw that became one of the proof of his sweet nicks at Arsenal.

During Arsenal’s reinforcement, Arshavin scored 31 goals and 46 assists in just 145 games. Now, Arshavin began to drown his name when decided to move to Zenit St. Petersburg.

Emmanuel Adebayor

After Henry pulled out to Barcelona in 2007, Arsenal made Adebayor the main striker. Togo player was featured special with Arsene Wenger at that time.

Adebayor was once a byword when scoring 9 goals in just seven matches. During his time at Arsenal, he successfully packed 46 goals in 104 matches.

However, the wrong decision actually took the player. Adebayor later voiced after pulling to Manchester City in 2009.