How to Use a Belt for Men

As time goes by, you will notice that your hips cannot hold back heavy jeans or trousers. This is the reason why belts are created. Do not be afraid to wear a belt, all you have to do is choose the right pasek do spodni, wear it properly, and get used to styling while wearing it. If you are a man who is curious about how to wear a belt, follow the steps below.

– Find a good belt. You can find it in any clothing store or supermarket, like a men’s shoe store. If you want a classic style, check out thrift stores. You can try with a belt first, check whether the belt is suitable or not.

– Choose a versatile belt. If you want to start from a belt only, choose a versatile and can be combined match with all the clothes. This means you must choose a simple leather strap, black or dark brown, with a simple buckle. You can buy another belt, after all this belt will be needed.

– Make sure the belt is in line with your trousers. A good belt is that the needle goes in the middle hole, but if you grow fast, select the one that goes in the last hole or close to the hole. Adjust the level of belt tightness to hold your trousers so as not to be oversized, but do not get too tight until you can not breathe.

– Consider a braided belt or without a hole. A belt like this is another option because it fits more in your trousers than a perforated belt, and is usually more comfortable. However, this model is outdated and a thin cotton belt cannot hold long pants; if you tighten his belt, it will still feel uncomfortable.

– Allow time until the belt begins to bend. Usually, a new leather belt will be stiff and uncomfortable or hard to enter. Do not give up! – give time until the belt becomes soft and comfortable at your waist.

The more comfortable you wear your belt, you can start buying belts with different colors, shapes, and materials. You can choose a leather belt, brown or black, or a thicker or thin belt, depending on your liking.