Medicines can cause some of these mental disorders

Taking medicines is a good thing to cure illness. However, this becomes very bad if done in the long term. Many people end up visiting to be able to consume herbal remedies and not medical drugs to treat the illness.

Many people who have realized that taking medication for a long time is not good, because it will lead to some things mentally, such as

– Psychic disorders
as well as the dangers of narcotics, long-term drug use will also cause hallucinations, easily confusion and dependence.

– Insomnia
this can happen with those who take drugs with steroid content. even some of them feel the heart beating more often and quickly and the chest becomes congested.

– Phobia
some drugs can even cause a very severe phobia. this can happen if they consume it with a very long and long period of time. for that herbal medicine can now be an alternative for you.