Try these tips when you’re cleaning a furry carpet

To remove stains attached to the fur carpet, try using vinegar mixed with baking soda and water and then clean it slowly. The problem is, feather rugs tend to be sensitive, and if the detergent type is hard enough the risks will droop the feathers on the carpet. It’s safer if you wash it with a detergent for baby clothes. In the meantime, you might also visit and check out the recommended carpet cleaning service near your area.

Or if you do not have the energy and time to wash it, leave it to carpet cleaning service.

In addition, you can also use baby powder and baking soda. If there is an odor on the carpet, sprinkle the carpet with baby powder or may also use baking soda.

Allow for 12 hours for the aroma to be absorbed by this powder or baking soda. After that clean the rest of the powder with a soft brush or use a vacuum cleaner.

And lastly, the fur rugs should not be swept. Because the rough fiber will damage the carpet and make the feathers off. If there is dirt on the carpet, it can be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush.

Although cleaning the feather carpet is quite easy, but it all needs to be done with care and do not be rude.

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