What’s a tooth caries?

Dental caries is an infectious disease that destroys tooth DentalWorks – Dentist Tuscaloosa AL  structure to become eroded or perforated. Conditions like this if kept on left will cause a toothache until death. This disease has been known since ancient times until now spread throughout the Country in the world. Generally caused by lack of oral hygiene. For more details will be discussed in the description below. In the meantime, you can also visit DentalWorks – Dentist Tuscaloosa AL to get one of the best dental services for you and your family.

Perhaps the symptoms of caries dental caries will not be felt. Because the disease lasts for a long time. At first, it will appear chalky on the tooth surface. This indicates the presence of demineralization. Then it will change color to brown. If you see a light brown color dental section can be a sign of caries and pale brown color indicates the presence of active caries. But this can be overcome by brushing on the part that will form dental caries. However, if it has formed a hole can no longer be overcome, except in the patch.

The main cause of this disease is the lack of maintaining cleanliness. Almost all diseases are caused by the lack of hygiene so easily infected by bacteria. For example, is not brushing teeth, or brushing teeth that are not right on time. This results in many foods remain that will accumulate in the mouth. The rest of the food will become plaque, along with the bacteria will gradually become tartar.