These are Two Major Impacts Of Using Dirty Air Conditioners

The use of air conditioner in the bedroom and every room you have is a natural thing because of the heat of the current air temperature. However, please also note that air conditioner you have to be treated and cleaned in order to always be able to provide comfort to your home. At you can get good and proper air conditioner clean.

If the air conditioner you have is rarely cleaned and treated, it will cause some of these things.
1. The presence of respiratory diseases
Sudden temperature changes and humidity may worsen symptoms of respiratory-related illness. The problem of this thing can be overcome by using the thermostat to a higher temperature and then gradually reduced to a lower level.

2. Sick building syndrome
This may be found in buildings that use air conditioner systems but do not have proper ventilation. Usually, someone will find it difficult to breathe, irritation on the skin, fatigue, and headaches.