Don’t forget these when you’re maintaining your car battery

With a little knowledge about how to properly care for car batteries, it is expected that the battery life will be longer. In addition, it can avoid the occurrence of things that are not desirable as the car suddenly cannot live because the battery is soaked when we are in a state of emergency. In the meantime, you may want to check out the car battery changer guide on Garage Master Blog.

Here are some things you should never forget when car battery care:

Check the battery terminal condition

Check the battery terminal condition periodically from rust and white crust. The white crust usually present in the battery terminal occurs due to the sulfur process. Use a wire brush to clean rust. Apply grease to the battery terminal to prevent rust. To clean the white crust use hot water. Flush on the battery terminal where there is a white crust until the white crust is falling out. Use a wire brush when needed. Wipe with a cloth to dry the wet surface.

Check the battery fastener.

Check the battery fastener and battery terminal. Make sure the battery is firmly tied to the holder. Also, make sure the battery terminals are not saggy. Battery terminals that lose the car engine difficult to start due to bad contact on the battery terminal. In addition to that saggy battery terminals make the charging system does not work optimally.

Turn off the electrical load at starter

Before turning on the engine, turn off the loads such as lights, audio, and AC so that the battery load is not too heavy. When turning on the engine, the starter requires a very large current from the battery.

Clean the battery body

Clean the battery body from the dirt so that the level of electrolyte liquid looks to facilitate the examination.

Those are the tips that we can share with you for the battery car. We hope by reading this article, you will be able to maintain your car better, and also avoid the heavy damage on the battery that might cause some problems with the car.