Causes and Ways of Dealing with Leg Cramps While Cycling

Cycling is indeed one of the favorite sports that many done by everyone in the world. But if you are bored with how to ride like that then it would not hurt if you try the best zwift trainer, which is a static bike that has a virtual screen connected to thousands of other cyclists so you can ride home without having to feel lonely.

Regardless, the problem that will be present when you are cycling is cramping. The cause of cramps is usually because of heavy physical activity, such as running, swimming, including when cycling.

What exactly is the cause of this Cramp? There are several factors that make a person cramped. Here are some factors that cause leg muscle cramps when cycling!

1. Blood flow to the muscle is reduced because of the pile of lactic acid in the bloodstream and cause the body’s metabolism becomes less perfect.
2. Cycling during cold conditions that will cause the body’s healing mechanism to be disrupted so that the blood flow is not smooth.
3. Foot cramps during cycling usually relate to the length of paddling without rest and also dehydration.

Foot muscle cramps during cycling can also be prevented, here’s how you can do it!

1. Before long-distance cycling or uphill walking, warm up and stretch. You can walk or cycle with light strokes for five to ten minutes.
2. Foot cramps when long-distance cycling can be prevented by not forcing yourself to pedal without rest. If muscle pain occurs, stop immediately and rest to massage a leg cramping or aching.
3. Do not eat too much before exercising, because high-calorie foods will make the body blood flow to the digestive system first to help the process of digestion of food. Meanwhile, when you start exercising, the blood will be pulled from the stomach and channeled to the muscles, so that the digestive process will be disturbed and cause feelings of nausea, abdominal pain, and even vomiting.

Well, hopefully, the information we provide can add to your insight. Begin biking gradually, in the sense that does not directly pedal a bike in time or duration long. Simply cycling with ease, this is to avoid muscle fatigue.